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How to Increase the Hardness of Polyetheramine Curing Agent?

Jan. 29, 2021

Polyetheramine technology is constantly improving, and products are constantly improving. Now we have begun to study how to improve its hardness. In fact, for the product itself, there are only advantages and no disadvantages. It can not only improve the performance of the product, but also It can maximize its performance advantages to the best effect. This is the situation we most want to see, isn't it? Not much to say. Next, the Manufacturer of Polyetheramine will briefly understand how to improve its hardness.

Polyetheramine D400

Polyetheramine D400

The curing hardness of a simple polyetheramine curing agent is not clear, and the same is true for a polyetheramine curing agent. Polyetheramine technology should produce a certain required hardness after interacting with the resin. Usually there is a most suitable ratio. According to different application requirements, under normal circumstances, the content of curing agent is too high and the hardness is higher (the curing temperature is high, and the hardness of the same content is also high), but it is best to increase the filler and hardness The most significant progress! As for the added type of filler, it depends on the use of the final product.

Any product will have its shelf life. Of course, polyetheramine is no exception. As a more commonly used chemical raw material, we must understand its shelf life. If the shelf life is exceeded, this situation. How should we deal with it? It is different from other chemicals. It is relatively simple to deal with, but we can't discharge it as sewage at will, so how should we deal with it? Let's get to know it together.

1. The unopened polyetheramine can be notified to the manufacturer or supplier for re-inspection, and it can continue to be used normally after the re-inspection is qualified.

2. The product quality has been damaged (re-inspection is unqualified), you can find some regular polyetheramine recycling manufacturers, which can reduce a little loss.

3. It can also be handled independently (requires considerable knowledge and cost of polyetheramine).

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