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  • Polyetheramine HF-D230

Polyetheramine HF-D230

Houfa POLYETHER AMINE D Series products is our core products.

high quality polyetheramine from factory

HoufaPOLYETHER AMINE D Series products is our core products. They are diamine terminated PPGs (polypropylene glycol) with the following representative structure:

Polyetheramine HF-D230


Product NameHF-D2000HF-D400HF-D230
AppearanceColorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Molecular weight Wn2000400230
Color PHF-TCo APHA Max255025
Primary amine%Min979797
Amine Valuemmol/g0.95-1.054.10-4.708.10-8.70
Water content%Max0.250.250.25


▶Curing agent for Epoxy Resin, Adhesive, Wind Power Blade and Cathodic Electrophoretic Paint

▶Raw material for Polyurea, Polyurethane and RIM

▶Modified Polyether Amine


▶Low viscosity, low chroma and low vapor pressure

▶Improved flexibility and increased peel strength.

Polyetheramine HF-D230


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