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IBOMA :Isobornyl methacrylate CAS NO 7534-94-3

Molecular Structure and Characteristic:

IBOMA :Isobornyl methacrylate CAS NO 7534-94-3 


AppearanceClear transparentClear transparent
Formula Weight222208
Density g/mL0.9850.984
Refractive Index (25℃)1.47501.5040
Viscosity (25℃) mPa·s10~157.5
Closed Flash Point ℃11993
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) ℃11090~100
Surface Tension mN/m

Quality and Index

Table 2 Date table of quality of isobornyl methacrylate (IBOMA) and isobornyl acrylate (IBOA)

Appearance _Limpidity / clear,colorlessLimpidity / clear,colorless
Color(APHA) Pt-Co≤50≤50
Acid content %≤0.1≤0.1
Purity %≥98.5≥98
Moisture Content %≤0.1≤0.1
Polymer Test(methanol) _Pass or FailPass or Fail
Inhibitor Content(MEHQ) ppm100-300100-300
PTZ ppm≤10≤10

Package and Storage:

1 、 IBOMA and IBOA have two kinds of package: 25kg / plastic barrel and 200kg / steel barrel with inner plastic or plastic barrel.

2 、 IBOMA and IBOA do not belong to flammable chemistry goods, but they should been deposited in the ventilating warehouse, avoided the sunlight perpendicular, and isolated the heat source to prevent from gathering and deterioration in store and transport.

Application of IBOMA in high solid compositions coating of acrylic resin:

In the situation of keeping glass transition temperature, molecular weight, and functional group number invariable, when methacrylic cyclic ester monomer was introduced to acrylic resin, it may effectivly reduce the viscosity of copolymer solution. IBOMA is the most obvious to reduce the viscosity of copolymer solution among all kinds of methacrylic cyclic ester monomers.

IBOMA is one kind of outstanding monomer which extremely unifies hardness and flexibility. As for its molecular structure and characteristic, copolymer has high gloss, good gloss distinctness of image, mar resistance, water and solvents resistance and weather resistance. its hydroscopic property is obviously lower than MMA also.

In addition, acrylic resin including IBOMA has good compatibility with polyester, alkyd resin, as well as many resins.

When IBOMA was used in powder coating, it may improves agglomerate, appearance and gloss of coating, enhances stability and levelling property of powder coating, reduces melt viscosity of powder coating.


Figure1 Standard styrene/acrylic resin including terminal hydroxyl group

Application of IBOA in radiation curing coating (printing ink):

When IBOA was used in radiate curing coating (printing ink) as active diluent, it may effectively reduces viscosity of the coating (printing ink), improves performance of construction, enhances the leveling property.

When IBOA was served as the active diluent of the epoxy-acrylic oligomer, it may obviously reduces internal stress and volume shrinkage of the coating, thus obviously improves the character index of radiation curing coating such as adhesion, volume shrinkage, anti-impact, mar resistance, weather resistance, simultaneously unreduces hardness and flexibility of coating.

If IBOA was used in protective coating of disc, it has attached extremely with surface of close texture on disc,moreover has enhanced extremely mar resistance and coating performance, and caused gloss of film distinctly improvable.

Because IBOA has all sorts of merits above, it has been widely used in domains as active diluent of radiation curing coating,such as gloss varnish for metal, glass flexibility pastic film, engineering plastics as well as optical fiber coating, simultaneously used in some special printing inks, for example: outdoors spurt ink, newsprinting ink on thin-film of polyethylene.

Table 3 Date table of relative stress and volume shrinkage of radiation curing coating and base metal in different active diluent used

Active diluentDegree of functionalityrelative internal stressvolume shrinkage %

Other uses of IBO(M)A:

IBO(M)A is suitable to making thermoplastic acrylic resin of high glass transition temperature, its product has high hardness, good flexibility, adhesion, alcohol resistance, heat resistance, humidity resistance and weather resistance, is suitable to making soft plastic film coating such as PET, PE, PP and so on, as well as decoration protection coating of PE, PP, PC and so on engineering plastics.

Because oligomer of IBO(M)A has high refractive index, transparency of its product is extremely good, it may be used in contact lenses. At the same time, because surface energy of IBO(M)A is low, its acrylic-copolymer emulsion is suitable for pressure-sensitive sticking agent of wrinkling-shape panel and keying agent of pressure-sensitive sticking agent, served as flow improver in the melting of powder coating (to enhance levelling property in melting).

The optical fiber coating including IBO(M)A has high hardness and stretch coefficient, and good waterproof performance.

More widespread uses wait for various experts to develop and apply.

Security and Health:

IBO(M)A is one kind colorless or faint yellow transparent liquid. It is hardly dissolvent in water. It has low poison. When the product is opened and exposed for a long time, it has the eye and skin stimulated. Its vapor and droplet have nose or throat stimulated. People should wear the labor insurance thing in operation, and avoid to contact material directly.

Toxicity in orally taked: CD50Mouse, 2300~4000mg/kg. Contact skin: CD50Rabbit, 5000mg/kg.

Stimulate eyes: Rabbit,   Slight.

Stimulate skin: Rabbit,   Slight.

Boiling point of IBOMA: 117℃(0.93Kpa). The vapour in normal temperature is extremely low. Flashing point: 119 ℃ (IBOMA), 93 ℃ (IBOA). Belong to non- flammable chemical material.

Expiration date declaration:

The expiration date is six months from the testing date on COA.

If the retesting result is qualified, the product can be still used even if the expiration date is over six months.


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