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What is the Effect of Polyetheramine Technology On the Tensile Properties of Epoxy Resin Systems?

May. 18, 2021

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When polyetheramine technology is applied, we have strict requirements on the quality and performance of its production. When it is used, it has a certain degree of compatibility, especially when it is used in combination with epoxy resin. So we all know that it can be used as a curing agent, but do you know what effect it has on the tensile properties in the epoxy resin system?

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(1) Polyetheramine technology has a softening effect on the epoxy resin system: the molecular weight, functionality and molecular structure of the curing agent are important factors that affect the tensile strength of the system.

(2) When used as a curing agent, the system not only maintains a high tensile strength, but also obtains a high elongation at break. When the dosage is 25 parts, the tensile strength of the system is 20Mpa, and the elongation at break can reach 45%. Both as a curing agent and as a modifier, it can significantly increase the elongation at break of the epoxy polyetheramine system. When the dosage is 30 parts, the system has an elongation at break of 53%.

(3) As the amount of polyetheramine increases, the tensile fracture behavior of the epoxy resin system is changed, causing the system to undergo brittle fracture-ductile fracture-ductile fracture respectively.

(4) Polyetheramine technology has the effect of reducing the Tg of the system. It shows that the system can also have a certain degree of flexibility at low temperatures, and explores the application prospects of epoxy resin systems in low temperature environments.

(5) The SEM morphology analysis of the tensile fracture curve and the tensile fracture fracture at room temperature shows that the modification mechanism of the epoxy resin system is different by polyetheramine and hydroxypolyether. The former has a softening effect, and the latter has a toughening effect. The image reflects that the epoxy resin/polyetheramine system is homogeneous and has good compatibility, while the epoxy resin/polyether system is phase-separated and difficult to tolerate.

After the polyetheramine technology is produced through scientific methods, we still have to pass some further experiments and data to get the performance of the polyetheramine technology. The above conclusions are all obtained through certain experiments. I hope you will be helpful.

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