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What are the 5 Characteristics of Polyetheramine Technology?

Mar. 15, 2021

Polyetheramine technology specializes in the production of polyetheramine products. With the continuous improvement of its technology, the characteristics of polyetheramine in use are gradually revealed, which makes many users pursue it. Its outstanding feature is As the molecular weight of polyether increases, its viscosity and index increase accordingly. So what are its specific characteristics? Manufacturer of Polyetheramine may wish to come together for a simple understanding.

Polyetheramine for Sale

Polyetheramine for Sale

Viscosity characteristics

The viscosity and pressure characteristics of products produced by polyetheramine technology are determined by their chemical structure and molecular chain length, and the viscosity and pressure coefficient is usually lower than that of the same viscosity mineral oil.

Low temperature fluidity

It generally has a lower freezing point and good low-temperature fluidity.


The polarity of the products based on the application of polyetheramine technology, coupled with the low viscosity coefficient, can form a very stable lubricant film with large adsorption and load-bearing capacity in almost all lubrication conditions, and has a low friction coefficient With strong shear resistance. Its lubricity is worse than mineral oil, poly alpha olefin and diester, but not as good as polyol ester and phosphate ester.

Thermal oxidation stability

Compared with mineral oil and other synthetic oils, the thermal oxidation stability of polyetheramine technology is not superior. Under the action of oxidation, it is prone to chain scission, generating low-molecular carbonyls and carbonyl compounds, which evaporate quickly at high temperatures. Therefore, it will not produce deposits and colloidal substances at high temperatures, and the viscosity will gradually decrease without increasing. It has good susceptibility to antioxidants. Adding hindered phenolic and aromatic amine antioxidants can increase its decomposition temperature to 240~250℃.

Water and oil soluble

Adjust the ratio of alkylene oxide in the molecule to obtain products with different solubility. The higher the proportion of ethylene oxide, the greater the solubility in water. As the molecular weight decreases and the proportion of terminal hydroxyl groups increases, the water solubility increases. The water solubility of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide copolyether decreases with the increase of temperature. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the product is precipitated, and this property is called inverse solubility. Using this feature, its aqueous solution can be used as a good quenching fluid and metal cutting fluid.

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